Woo, the platform that lets you find the right job without giving up personal information, is rolling out a matching algorithm to put you into a job faster.

Using your skill-set and stated desires for your next job, Woo says it’s data-driven matching has led to an 80 percent relevancy in matching candidates to jobs so far. Woo claims similar methods by other companies often result is single-digit success rates.

“Companies today are spending an inordinate amount of time chasing candidates that are a good match on paper, but whose experience doesn’t reveal a big part of the equation – their true career desires,” said Liran Kotzer, co-founder & CEO of Woo. “Woo’s matching technology uniquely calculates what an individual wants in a job, helping employers find that ‘needle in the haystack’ – candidates with both the required skill-set and desires that are likely to be fulfilled by that employer. This makes for a much more efficient recruiting process, where employers only approach candidates who are an excellent match, and that will likely entertain and accept their offer.”

In addition to the skills you tell Woo about, it also infers skills using machine learning. To accelerate its rollout, Woo worked with recruiters to attract in-demand tech talent and recorded the manual candidate filtering process used by former recruiters from Tesla, Google, Facebook and PayPal.

The matching platform is rolling out today, so if you’re in tech and looking for a job — give it a shot.

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