Watch our largest Delta IV rocket launchThis afternoon, a giant Delta IV rocket will launch a secret spy satellite into space for the National Reconnaissance Office. The launch time is 5:58PM ET. The rocket, manufactured by the United Launch Alliance, was originally scheduled to take off from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 1:59PM ET, but it was delayed due to bad weather conditions.

The flight is dubbed the NROL-37 mission, the purpose of which remains classified since it “supports national security.” Despite the intense level of secrecy, NROL-37 does have one very cryptic mission patch associated with it.
According to the NRO, the patch “depicts a knight, a symbol of courage with a chivalrous code of conduct representing bravery, training, and service to others.
The knight stands in front of the U.S. flag in a defensive posture as to protect at all cost.” The eagle on the knight’s chest is supposed to represent freedom, according to the NRO, while the sword is “a message of tenacious, fierce focus with the claws representing extreme reach with global coverage.”
Parts of the Delta IV are made in Iuka, Mississippi