Twitter DM bot helps you register to vote before deadline

Twitter DM bot helps you register to vote before deadline

Following the debate last night, a lot of people are scrambling to register to vote before their respective deadlines hit, and to help make that happens comes a new Twitter bot. It works by having you send the @Gov Twitter account a DM (just tell it ‘hello), and from there you’ll be able to give it your zip code, then get a message back with your voting registration deadline and a link taking you to the website where you can register.

Twitter announced the new DM bot via the tweet below — the @Gov handle belongs to the “Twitter Government” account, which is concerning itself with all things election at the moment. Registering to vote is one of the most important things residents can do at this point, and the deadline to do so is approaching very quickly — there are mere handfuls of days left for some people.



Of course, you can get this information from places other than Twitter if you’re so inclined — Rock the Vote, for example, has a page here listing every state and its registration deadline, as well as links taking the user to the page where they can sign up.

In some cases, you’ll need to print, sign, and then physically mail a form, so be sure to understand all the steps necessary. Missed last night’s debate? You can watch it now or anytime in the future thanks to numerous YouTube channels; NBC News, for example, offers the full 2+ hour debate and news segment in the video below.