Following in Udacity’s footsteps, Treehouse is launching its own degree program called Techdegree.

Treehouse says its program takes 6-12 months, and will prepare you for an entry-level tech job once you graduate. Treehouse says it created the program because “the time commitment and exorbitant cost of 2 and 4 year degrees can be a deterrent” to those who want to work in tech.

Alternatively, what is offered on free learning sites is not always taught properly, does not reflect the most up-to-date skills required, and is not organized in a way that is accessible to students. Treehouse’s goal is to solve this by delivering the best online education product on the market at a fraction of the cost of a traditional degree.

Techdegree builds on Treehouse’s basic subscription model ($25 per month) with original content, full-time teachers who are “experts in their subject” as well as interactive tools and videos. The course also includes 12 coding projects which are reviewed and graded by both students and professionals, and a final proctored exam. To help students get a sense of community, there’s a dedicated Slack channel as well as one-on-one video mentoring.

To start, Techdegrees will be offered in six categories: Android, Front End Web Development, Full Stack JavaScript, iOS, Java and Python.

Treehouse will be charging $399 per month for its Techdegree courses

Techdegree on Treehouse