The Zore X Gun Lock Has Smart Features

The Trace Reports that toddlers shot an average of one person per week for the year in 2015, often injuring or killing themselves, because they were able to get their hands on a gun.

If widely adopted, a product like Zore X could change that statistic. 

Zore is an Israeli startup that has made a smart – gun lock. A gun lock that is smart, not a smart gun. 
This isn’t a smart gun at all, it’s better. It fits your existing gun based on caliber. It connect with your phone via an app which allows you to unlock the gun remotely and monitor movement of the gun if it’s within Bluetooth range. 
In the case of an emergency, Zore included a PIN dial right on the lock. You spin it back and forth like on your high school locker. So even with a relatively long PIN users are able to unlock the gun within seconds. 

Zore even says that, with a little practice, users should be able to unlock their Zore-protected guns behind their backs or in the dark.
Locking the gun is only possible using the physical Lock button on the Zore itself.
For that aforementioned practice, Zore created the Zore trainer as a piece of the app, which surprises the user and tests how quickly they can unlock their gun.
The company also sells the Zore Bridge, which can go in the home and monitor the gun at a much farther range than just the phone app. It uses a Bluetooth connection, just like the app itself, to monitor the movement of the gun and tell whether or not anyone is trying to break in.

As a complement to that, for even more protection, users can purchase the Wi-Fi-based Zore WatchDog, which gives users constant watch over their gun and lock no matter where they are in the world.
Other tech-based devices looking to make guns more secure, including one of our CES Hardware Battlefield companies, Identilock.
Zore put the product up on Indiegogo in June and has received nearly $250,000 from backers, well over the company’s $100,000 target.

You can check out Zore here.