htc-vive-ios-vr-phone-callsHTC Vive owners with iPhones can now get phone notifications in virtual reality, just like their Android-affiliated compatriots. The iOS version of HTC’s Vive companion app is now available on the App Store, after making a fleeting appearance prior to the Vive’s launch. The app enables one of the Vive system’s unique features: the ability to receive calls, text messages, and calendar reminders inside VR.


The htc Vive Virtual Reality Headset

In addition to downloading the mobile app, users will need to install the HTC Vive desktop software. You can’t get notifications for things like email or messaging apps. And one of the coolest Android features, the ability to send quick preset responses to calls or texts, is unavailable on iOS at this time. At the same time, it’s an option that no other VR headset offers. And given how physically isolating VR can be, it creates a helpful lifeline to the outside world.

Unfortunately for us, Vive headsets are currently back ordered until June.

Via: The Verge