By Gary Dudak May 11, 2016 | Mandatory

It takes a lot of talent and determination to create a great band. The same can be said for creating a great state map of all the greatest bands. Just kidding, but it was no easy task considering the amount of awesome bands there are that hail from America. Granted, some states have a lot more famous and notable bands to choose from (California, New York, Michigan), while others made it difficult to even determine if bands exist in those states (the Dakotas), but labeling just one band the “best” was daunting. However, after much consideration, I think we nailed it.

Now, before you look at the map below and get all up in arms about the egregious errors we made, here is our disclaimer: Our definition of “band” is a musical group of two or more people. Thus, solo singer/songwriters or musicians who are famous on their own were omitted. Sorry, Elvis and almost all famous rappers. Everything else is up for debate. However, if there was one major takeaway from this project that can’t be debated, it’s that the majority of the best bands of all time are from overseas.

best band from every state

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