The Alieno Arcanum Is A 5,221 HP HyperCar. Alieno was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in the Earth-based country of Bulgaria. It uses the Italian word for “alien” as a name because, as its founder/CEO/CTO/chief constructor Ahmed Merchev explains it, he has a mission to “create hypercars with alien technologies from the future into the present,” according to the press release.


The company calls the Arcanum a “hypercar,” but we’re going to have to go ahead and disagree with it on that front. Thanks to this handy chart, hypercars top out at a measly 2,000 HP. Once you start getting into the 5,000-HP figures, you’re making ultracars.


The Arcanum is Alieno’s debut vehicle, a word that the company says means “the secret of the secrets.” It’s a two-door, two-seater, “robotic” all-electric car. “Actually,” the release states, kind of like an afterthought, “[it’s] the first of its kind.” And no, it does not look like a Lamborghini. Shut up.

There will be four versions of the Acranum: the RP5 with 5,221 HP, the RP4 with 4,351 HP, the RP3 with 3,481 HP and the RP2 with 2,610. RP stands for Raw Power.

Of the four, the RP5 is the one you want. It will absolutely have 6,550 lb-ft of torque, a top speed of over 303 mph and a starting weight of 3,571 pounds. There will be up to 24 electric motors on board. This is some really advanced tech, something that surely only aliens could have come up with.

Here’s how the motors work:

The electric motors in use are type AC three-phase axial flux electric motors with powerful permanent magnets, that provide the current technological maximum as power and torque per unit weight and volume, since they combine very high power with very high torque of the electric motor in very low own weight and low volume of the electric motor. They have almost unlimited life span and maximum torque from 0 all the way to their maximum rpm.

ALIENO ARCANUM possesses multiple innovative ALIENO ADAS systems (Advanced driver-assistance systems), the main one of which is called ALIENO Artificial Intelligence (AAI) or “The Alien” (TA). In reality the car is an “alien” (“alien robot”, “intelligent robot on wheels”), who assists the driver, prevents him from making mistakes and teaches him how to improve his driving skills, habits and style, with the sole purpose of being able to explore and use the full potential of the car.

The whole car is built from carbon fiber and has a carbon fiber monocoque and front- and rear-subframes. The bottom of the car is reinforced with Kevlar.

Alieno says that it has a race modification ready in case the car needs to meet requirements to race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans and FIA WEC, just as soon as the rules will allow something like the Arcanum to compete.

The Arcanum is open for pre-orders. Each car is hand-built, while the components are made by “hi-tech” machines at the Alieno factory in Bulgaria. Prices for the RP5 start at about $1.8 million.