Spotify and Hulu Offer $5 Student Bundle

If Spotify’s latest move is any indication, you should expect to see more media streaming services bundled together. The music subscription market leader just announced a partnership with Hulu wherein eligible college students can get Spotify Premium and Hulu’s TV and movie library for a mere $5 per month. This combo of all-you-can-stream entertainment would normally cost at least $18 per month (or $22 if you opt for Hulu’s commercial-free tier), so this is quite a deal. As we enter the back-to-school season (and the fourth financial quarter of the year for these companies), it’s bound to give each service’s subscriber count at least a small boost.

Yes, the new Spotify/Hulu bundle is only available to college students, but a press release sent out by Spotify says that this is just the “first step” in the new partnership toward “offerings targeted at the broader market.” As Spotify gears up to go public later this year or early next–and braces to see if Apple has any new music subscriber numbers to share at its iPhone launch event next week–it can use all the new sign-ups it can get.