Snapchat updates Stories and Discover


Snapchat’s latest update brings some new and more easily understandable iconography to the app alongside changes to the Stories and Discover view.


Today’s update puts the focus on Discover view, you won’t be able to miss it now. The Discover feed is now directly below your personal stories and above your friend’s stories — in a small card carousel view.

Snapchat now shows a more prominent Live section showcasing events that are or were recently live on Snapchat. It helps bring visibility to compete with other live streaming platforms.

Now, there is less confusion. Snapchat’s changed the icons so they now clearly indicate the left view is for chatting, and the right view is for Stories. The Stories icon is now three circular balls stacked into a pyramid.

There is still a standalone Discover view. The updated view did away with small circles using the company’s logo and showcasing them in beautiful tiles. Each Discover story now includes the option to subscribe.


Snapchat updates Stories and Discover


The Live stories view has moved up to just below Recent Updates, with more focus on user Stories and Discover at the top. The Live stories change also gives a glimpse into what you’ll see before you open the Snapchat Story.


What’s New in Version

  • Stories and Discover have a new look. See what’s inside before you tap!
  • Swipe up to Subscribe so you never miss an update! Subscriptions appear below your friends’ Stories
  • Tap the navigation buttons at the bottom to jump between screens
  • Snapchat can be downloaded from the iOS App Store for free and is compatible with iPhones and iPads