Smart Security System Uses Drones To Guard Your Home

Smart Security System Uses Drones To Guard Your Home

The Sunflower Home Awareness System combines intelligent outdoor sensors with an aerial drone-based camera to give you a complete view of what’s happening around your home at any time.

Founder Alex Pachikov says, “The system consists of these two parts, There are really advanced sensors that you place around your property. These can detect motion, vibration and sound. In the event that you want to take a closer look at something, you can then deploy a drone to investigate what’s happening and send back live video. It’s truly a next-generation security system.”

This definitely feels like the future! Even without the drone, it’s impressive. The smarts lights appear like regular garden lights, but they also have a machine learning technology that helps them understand what’s happening in their immediate vicinity.

If an intruder turns out to be a possum, the sensors will send it on its way thanks to flashing lights and a warning noise. If it’s your partner arriving home, they can be welcomed with a gentle increase in light level.



But it’s when the disturbance is neither raccoon nor spouse that the system truly shines.

That’s when it deploys the company’s proprietary drone from its home in an outdoor weatherproof “hive” with retractable door — to investigate. Users don’t need to possess pilot skills, since the drone will fly itself. No worries about the time of day either, since the drone can use its high-res camera with infrared light for night vision also.

Although drone battery life is still notoriously short, Pachikov said he isn’t concerned.

“Normally the drone will only be deployed for a few minutes at a time,” he noted. “We don’t think it will be flying continuously. It will automatically charge between deployments, keeping it mostly at full charge for when you need it.”

When it is necessary, though, Pachikov told us that he estimated that, “you’ll be able to keep it flying for around 15-20 minutes.”