Welcome to City 17. Our benefactors would like you to know that while you can build a drone that looks exactly like one of the Overwatch’s “city scanners” with some carbon fiber and a bit of creative molding, doing so will result in your immediate…rehabilitation by local police.

Sorry to go all Combine on you, but just take a look at the drone above, made by YouTuber Valplushka to look indistinguishable from the annoying and iconic city scanner drones from the critically acclaimed Half-Life 2 series. Fly this drone around a ruined building and you’d swear there many be a hunter around the corner. The added sound effects and soundtrack from the game certainly make this screen-accurate drone look like it was taken straight out of a PC.

Not only does the drone look right, it moves right. The wings on the city scanner do in fact articulate, giving you the impression that you’re about to be photographed by some telekinetic grub.

And at the end of the video, Valplushka kindly shows off some drawings of the build and another beauty shot complete with Half-Life 2 posters and a generous breath of fog. Technical notes in the video description also say that the build took him around 2 months, off and on, and did in fact feature a camera flash that unfortunately burned out.

What should Valplushka build next? A life-sized Strider? A drone shaped like a buzz saw blade that can be controlled by a replica gravity gun? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Kyle Hill | Nerdist

This Half-Life 2 drone mod is scarily realistic