April’s almost over so here are our picks for the best iPhone and iPad Apps this month.

1. Hippo Pics

You spend your life posting photos to Instagram, but you still haven’t quite got the hang of editing yet.

It allows you to upload your Instagram shots and if they’re deemed a good enough starting point, professional editors will set about bringing out its best elements.

Each stage of the edit is saved for you to look through, so you can just browse through other people’s pictures if you don’t want to upload your own.

Don’t go uploading your selfies or food pics though, they aren’t wanted.


2. Glued

Spending way too much time staring at your phone screen is probably something we’re all guilty of at various points, Glued is going to try and help you cut down on your nasty habit. However ironic that might seem.

It takes a family-oriented approach and pits you against other members of your household in tracking your phone usage.

For the parents, there are also controls that allow you to limit screen time. It tries not to punish kids using phones for ‘positive’ things, like a Google search for homework, which doesn’t count against the overall screen time limits.


3. Word Flow

Microsoft released two new keyboards for iOS devices in April, including the same Hub keyboard that landed for Android devices in March.MSkeyboard-word-flow

The latest, Word Flow, is aimed at people who find reaching across a large screen too tricky.

4. Hear

Hear for iOS is the first new app from RjDj in years, but it keeps the same mind-bending approach to transforming your relationship with sound.



It’s made up of seven audio scenes that are designed to perform specific functions, like making it easier to hear speech in a noisy environment. Some are just plain odd.



5. Google Photos

Google released a few updates for Photos this month, including some that are only available on Android for now but are scheduled to come to iPhone.

One that did land on iOS, however, is the ability to search by emoji.


6. DJI+ Discover

While the flying of drones can be a solo pursuit, it’s probably a whole lot more sociable to meet up with
a few like-minded individuals.

If that’s you, then it’s now a whole lot easier with DJI’s new Discover app for Android and iOS.

As well as making it easier to meet up with other drone pilots, it can also suggest new flying spots for you.

7. Kik bots

Kick bots are like mini apps that run inside of other apps. In this case, Kik beat Messenger to the punch by
launching its bot store in April.

There are a whole bunch to check out, but among some of the more interesting ones is Record Bird, which
can keep you up to date on the latest in music releases.

Just search for the bot Record Bird on Kik and start chatting.

8. Patternator

If you’re the sort of person who likes putting custom themes on your phone, or tweaking every possible
setting, then there’s a good chance you’ll want a personalized case to go along with it too.

Patternator for iOS lets you create a design or use one of the hundreds of pre-loaded backgrounds or

You can then share your created design on social media or download it to use it as a desktop wallpaper.
Or you can use it to order a case for your iPhone.

9. Inbox by Google

Google announced a slew of worthwhile updates for Inbox users in April for both Android and iOS.

Most notably, it now lets you keep track of events and any related emails a whole lot easier, saving
you time. You can also now preview newsletters directly in your inbox.

However, the best bit is the way the app now lets you use a ‘Save to Inbox’ feature, rather than
making you email yourself those links, images and other bits.