NASA Scientist Says The Speed of Light is Changing

Time Travel May Be Possible

Louise Riofrio is involved in a project that will put an atomic clock into the International Space Station to “verify” her theory.

She reached the conclusion that the speed of light is changing while working at NASA.

The scientist analysed lasers that bounced off reflectors left by astronauts on the moon, which appeared to show the moon was moving too fast.

But – when she compared it to various experiments on Earth using fossils, observations of ancient eclipses and computer simulations – she found it was actually moving more slowly.

It led her to believe that “the speed of laser light slowing had caused the moon to appear to be moving faster”.

This, she claimed, could be of huge significance when it comes to time travel.

“One thing this says is that we can certainly move forward in time and that we can also change the rate we move forward in time,” Louise said.

“As far as moving backwards in time, if that’s ever possible no equations like this will ever find out that.

“The idea that time travellers could visit us today is beyond our understanding so we really can’t say if there are time travellers among us.”

The scientist also said her theory could allow warp speed – similar to that seen in cult series Star Trek – to occur in space.

“Warping space to reach other solar systems faster than light is definitely something we might do some day,” she added.