iOS10 Gains Support For RAW PhotosiOS10 Gains Support For RAW Photos

Advanced photographers shoot in RAW, not JPEG. For those who aren’t photo nerds, RAW files are image files that are not compressed and contain more imagery data. Photographers swear by RAW because it gives them more flexibility during the editing process to either adjust how an image looks or recover details lost when shot as a compressed JPEG.


According to one developer on Reddit who has already installed iOS 10 beta, you’ll be able to shoot photos in RAW and edit them. Apple’s own developer website also references RAW files.

Currently, no iPhone or iPad can shoot photos in RAW. Could this be one of the big camera features coming to the iPhone 7 or maybe the iPhone 7 Plus, which is rumored to have two rear cameras?


It wouldn’t be a surprise considering most high-end flagship Android phones have the ability to shoot in RAW already.