HTC Vive VR Now Available

Reddit user locknlawl reported plenty of Vive systems for sale at a Micro Center shop in Fairfax, VA. (Reddit)

HTC Vive VR Now Available At Retail

With pre-order woes and supply limits lifting, the opportunities to walk into a store and buy a high-end virtual reality system are on the rise. Oculus has announced some specific in-store demos and purchase opportunities, while its main rival, the HTC Vive, has had fewer hype-building announcements.

Which makes this weekend’s news a little surprising: the HTC Vive is now sitting in a number of Micro Center shops, ready for anybody with $800 (before tax) to spare. The news was announced via an online mailer, and members of the Vive Reddit community have confirmed on-site demos and buyable systems at stores across the nation.

Conversely, these Vive boxes do not appear to be on sale at Micro Center’s online store, but Vive fans have begun to report much shorter time spans between HTC site orders and deliveries since the system’s launch has subsided. Still, there’s something to be said about the combined, real-life experience of the Vive’s headset, tracked controllers, and ability to walk around in games and apps. Doing so at a participating Micro Center demo station will certainly trump reading about it.

We suggest calling your neighborhood Micro Center to confirm whether it houses either a demo kiosk or retail Vive boxes (and mortgaging your house so you can supe up a compatible Windows PC) before making the trek this weekend.