Here’s how you can watch.

HBO (duh)

Hey, did you know HBO is on a free preview weekend?! It is, so if you’ve got cable, you can check out the season premier of GoT for free. Lucky you!


Sling TV

Sling TV is probably the best alternative to traditional cable, and has HBO. Also on a free preview weekend, HBO via Sling is normally an additional $15 to the $20 base package, bringing your total to $35 per month.

You get other channels, though, and you can stream Sling TV on any device (or multiple devices!). Also, it’s live TV (which is awesome) and has some on-demand content available.


HBO Now (or Go, but Go sucks)

HBO Now is a standalone HBO service that brings you on-demand content from HBO’s vast library.

It’s $15 per month, and isn’t live — so if you want to watch the Game of Thrones season 6 debut, you’ll have to wait until it airs live. HBO typically makes episodes available immediately after they air, though, so you’ll only have to avoid Twitter for about two hours.

There’s also HBO Go, which is like HBO Now for cable subscribers, but it’s not as polished as HBO Now. Playback issues plague the service, but if you miss the premiere live, Go is (hopefully) a good way to pick it up later on in the evening.

HBO Now is free for one month to new subscribers, which could get you a few free episodes of this season. HBO also makes the entire back catalog of Game of Thrones available on-demand so you can catch-up or jog your memory. If you’re interested, it’s available for iOS and Android as well as Apple TV, Xbox, Fire TV and Roku.



If you hate yourself, try finding a Game of Thrones stream on Periscope.

Often times, people will stream paid TV events on Periscope. It’s not legal, and very much frowned upon by Periscope, so streams may be cut off at any time.

It’s also the worst way to view any kind of TV. If you like fuzzy pictures and people talking over the TV, Periscope is great. Otherwise, we suggest HBO Now or Sling TV.


You only have a few hours!

Game of Thrones season six debuts at 9:00pm EDT tonight, so there’s only a few hours to get yourself situated.

And if you need a primer for what’s to come, check out the teasers for this season below.

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