Data centers are the heart of the Web, storing an immense amount of information about the world and our personal lives. But for all their importance to modern living, they’re also normally boring grey buildings. Google is hoping to change that with the Data Center Mural Project.

It’s pretty much exactly what it sounds like: Google is beautifying its data centers by asking artists to paint giant murals on the buildings. The idea is to add a human element to what are normally extremely utilitarian buildings, and spike some interest on their importance.

In Mayes County, Oklahoma, artist Jenny Odell designed a mural that represents “the flow of goods, power and information.” Though designed by combining bits and pieces of satellite imagery from Google Maps in Photoshop, the mural was handpainted by several workers.

Meanwhile, in St. Ghislain, Belgium, street artist Oli-B designed a colorful abstract mural that portrays ‘the cloud’ in the context of the data center’s local community, employees and environment.

Google says at least two more data centers will become canvasses for artists, and that it’s considering doing the same with its 11 other data centers around the world. The process and thought behind creating the murals is pretty awesome, so be sure to check out the Data Center Mural Project’s website for more.

Introducing The Data Center Mural Project on Google Blog

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Source: Google