While it’s perfectly easy to share your favorite Spotify or SoundCloud tracks and playlists, finding an easy way to play back music from a variety of different sources in a collaborative way with friends is a trickier prospect.

Flo Music launches officially today – after a ‘soft launch’ and further refinement – to fix this exact problem.

As well as letting you pull tracks into a shared playlist with up to 10 people from streaming services, you can also include any songs you (or your friends) have stored on your device too.

Collaborative playlists are created via users created to the same Wi-Fi hotspot, or the host can create a Wi-Fi hotspot automatically just by creating a playlist in the app. All the other people need to do is then install the app and join that Flo.

The host keeps most of the control of playback, but you can use the app in two different modes: one lets you play the music back through all the devices simultaneously for extra volume, and the other is when you already have a speaker but want to let other people contribute to a playlist.

If you want to use Spotify’s catalog of songs, you will need to be a premium subscriber. The company says the integration of new services is already underway. There’s no Android app at the moment though, so you’ll need 10 friends who also all happen to own an iPhone, but there is one on the way.