F.Lashes LED Fake Eyelashes is a Fad

F.Lashes LED Fake Eyelashes is a Fad

The wearable tech you never knew you needed <– really?

We’ve had holographic lips, feather brows and the glistening glitter booty, but this latest trend is really taking beauty to the future.

Enter, LED lashes.

The beauty product you never knew you needed, F.Lashes are the rave-ready answer to your average pair of falsies and are described as ‘fun, fresh and fierce.’

Unveiled at the Maker Faire in California, designer Tien Pham from Sweden demonstrated the lashes and their many modes.

Aside from coming in an array of colour ways – think pink, red, blue, white, yellow and green – they also come in ‘sparkle’ mode which makes the lashes twinkle and ‘dance’ mode where they flash erratically.

F.Lashes LED Fake Eyelashes is a Fad

But, how do they work?

Powered by a watch battery that attaches to the back of your head using hair clips, the lashes are completely reusable and can be applied to your natural set using eyelash glue.

“As long as you don’t cut or break the connections, you can reuse them as often as you want,” Pham said.

“I’ve worn the pink set three times in the last three days and they are perfectly fine to reuse.”

Despite the brightness, he also insists that they are completely safe to wear, sweat-proof and do not emit any heat.

“The light is not blinding. In fact, I often can’t tell I have them turned on. I have to cup my hand over my eye to see the light,” Pham added.

But, before you decide to ditch your glow sticks out in favour of a set of light-up lashes there’s a catch.

Unfortunately, F.Lashes are still in prototype stages but according to their Facebook page, a Kickstarter campaign will arrive in July, if not sooner.

To make sure you don’t miss out on their launch, you can sign up to F.Lashes mailing list now to be notified when the Kickstarter is officially opened.