Elon Musk Raises 4 Million Dollars Selling Flamethrowers

The official Boring Company flamethrower will ship spring 2018

Elon Musk Raises 4 Million Dollars Selling Flamethrowers

When elon musk teased that the boring company would start selling a real flamethrower, many assumed he was just kidding. Well he wasn’t and now the tunnel-digging company is taking pre-orders for the weapon – priced at $500 – and they have already surpassed $4 million in sales. Musk orginally promised the flamethrower to consumers if the company sold 50,000 caps, as stated on his twitter account.

The boring company was founded in 2016, after elon musk mentioned the idea of making tunnels on his twitter account. The product page reads, ‘may not be used on boring company decorative lacquered hay bales or boring company dockside munitions warehouses‘. in amongst updating consumers on his pre-order sales figures, musk spent a little time playing with the idea of a zombie apocalypse in a sort of spontaneous advertising attempt…before shortly denying the claims.

The boring company CEO has also stated that the flamethrower is within the legal limits permitted by the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, as it produces a flame no more than 10 feet long. To keep things safe, the boring company is also giving buyers the option of a company-branded fire extinguisher. both can be pre-ordered here.