Dell's 43-inch 4K multi-client monitor is amazing
Dell’s 43-inch 4K multi-client monitor is amazing

Monitors are usually a boring purchase — they’re a means to an end — and monitors targeted at businesses are at the far end of the interesting spectrum. But Dell’s new monitor will pique your interest, with a 43-inch 4K display and the option to run as four separate 1080p screens, without bezel breaks.

Dell's 43 inch 4K multi-client monitor is amazing

The Dell P4317Q monitor can show content from four separate inputs simultaneously in full HD (four USB 3.0, two HDMI, one DisplayPort, one Mini DisplayPort, and one VGA port are available), and you can zoom in to any single display to take advantage of that 4K display at will. If you’re considering throwing your multi-monitor setup out the window and going all-in with Dell — which the company says will save you 30 percent in energy consumption —prepare to spend some serious cash. This monitor will cost you $1,349 and is expected begin shipping on May 23rd.


Via: TNW | Source: Dell