You Can Rent This Giant Robot … in Japan

Every so often a pretty impressive and giant robot appears from some little known company somewhere around the world — and this one is available to rent! Introducing the LW-mononofu mecha (that’s jargon for a large armored robot – typically seen in movies or on children’s cartoons).

You Can Rent This Giant Robot in Japan

all images courtesy of sakakibara

The LW-mononofu freely manipulates walking, moving both arms, air gun launching, and waist swing while allowing users to check their surroundings with a monitor inside the cockpit. For the birthday of a spoiled child or just the occasional robot war, this mecha is available to rent here.

The 27.8 foot robot is the product of japanese company sakakibara machinery works and weighs in at 16,314 pounds. It is the latest in their line of mechas including a 2012 release of the landwalker, a similarly large but this time two-legged transformer-esque robot. They also released a child-friendly mecha some time after and no, not a soft play, round-edged version, but a similarly armor-clad $20,000, 1.6 meter bot.