Apple ARKit Will Bring Augmented Reality to The Masses

Apple ARKit Will Bring Augmented Reality to The Masses

Made With ARKit

Augmented Reality is a hand-picked curation of the coolest stuff made with #ARKit.

Over the past few days a new Twitter account has been showcasing work from the iOS and augmented reality developer community. Made With ARKit is an account dedicated to sharing various videos of iOS developer projects and what they are accomplishing with Apple’s new ARKit available in iOS 11.

At this year’s WWDC 2017, Apple showcased a new development kit for augmented reality developers entitled ARKit. The framework is dedicated to helping developers build out augmented reality experiences on the iPhone and iPad mixed with real world elements. We’ve already begun to see some examples of its strength out in the developer community, but having a curated feed highlights how creative others can be.

The account, curated by Sam Dauntesq, shares the work that developers have been accomplishing in augmented reality since Apple’s release of ARKit. Some of the demos show off floating objects, like this “Moon landing” by @tomasgarcia.


We haven’t even gotten the second beta of iOS 11 yet, but we remain excited to see what else the iOS development community will be bringing to our devices later this year. Follow Made With ARKit’s curation over at their official Twitter account, and be sure to share with us any other cool projects you find!