Antarctica Breakthrough: Creature Clones Itself – Lives Forever

Antarctica researchers were left stunned by an animal they discovered below the ice capable of living for eternity by cloning itself, a documentary revealed.

During the filming of David Attenborough’s famous BBC series Blue Planet 2, viewers got a unique insight into just how little our oceans have been explored. Using a Triton submarine, a team of researchers were able to dive 1000m below the surface of Antarctica into an area known as the “midnight zone”. Here, the team uncovered a bizarre creature capable of cloning itself and essentially living forever.

David Attenborough revealed to viewers how the team came across the bizarre creature which is called a Siphonophore.

He said in 2017: “The midnight zone is full of life.

“Down here, in the blackness, creatures live beyond the normal rules of time. 

“Siphonophores are virtually eternal.

The giant Siphonophore can grow up to 50 meters long.

Giant Siphonophore

Giant Siphonophore

Giant Siphonophore

Giant Siphonophore